[EP03] Videos

In this 3rd episode of the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Sustainability Recap – Ryan Mckay, Director of Research & Media talks about… – GlobalGAP signing a cooperation agreement with Vietnam on a voluntary program for responsible Pangasius farming through certified standards. The partnership is aimed at boosting the image of Pangasius in terms of hygiene and environmental sustainability. – Announced in Brussels was a partnership between WWF and a number of European trade groups spanning the entire seafood supply chain. The partnership is built around a shared vision for sustainable European fisheries. – The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership has announced the launch of the Sri Lanka Fisheries Improvement Partnership. Sign up for Product Deals & Market Updates – www.tradexfoods.com Tweet Us for Quick Seafood Quotes or to Ask us Questions – twitter.com Learn about deceptive seafood practices with School of Fish – www.tradexfoods.com Check out our inFINite Model – www.tradexfoods.com Website: www.tradexfoods.com

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