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Black Tiger shrimps are farmed many ways. At Butler’s Choice we care for shrimp, the invironment and the farmer and his family. Butler’s Choice is a Danish seafood trading company with focus on social responsibility and th einvironment. Get to know more about Butler’s Choice at www.butlers-choice.com

tafbutton blue16 Butlers Choice | Black Tiger shrimp farmed in Vietnam

A controversial virus has been detected in freshwater fish in B.C., but experts disagree about what the results mean for B.C.’s wild fish stocks.
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tafbutton blue16 Virus That Decimated b.c. Farmed Salmon Has Been Found in Cultus Lake Freshwater Trout

Farmed shrimp are grown in filthy water and fed antibiotics and antifungals They are thus unhealthy. The shrimp farms also destroy mangrove swamps and rice paddies. Sewer Shrimps are bad for you and the environment!

tafbutton blue16 Toxic Farmed Sewer Shrimps No Good for You

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