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Green Farm Fitness UK provides participants the best outdoor fitness workouts through celebrity trainers in a perfect picturesque location in the Kent countryside.

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The Emu Farming business was established in India during the mid 1996′s, when a large stock of birds was imported from Texas. It has now developed into a very profitable business in South India. Emu Birds are mainly reared for their meat, oil and leather. The Emu oil has been proven to have many medicinal qualities and is in a very high demand in the western countries. The emu meat contains very cholesterol and has been recommended by the American Heart Association to heart patients. From emu feathers to emu eggshells, everything can be sold.

Farmers in Punjab have now realized the huge profit potential this bird carries. Backed by a 25% Subsidy from NABARD, Emu Farming in Punjab is picking up at exponential rates. The Emu bird being naturally immune to almost all diseases and being able to survive in almost any climatic condition, has led to the adoption of emu farming in all regions of Punjab.

Are you concerned about high food costs? Would you like to feed your family more fresh produce, but cant because of the expense? Would you like to eat healthier, but dont have the time to stop at the market every day for fresh vegetables and herbs? Does your house or apartment have a window? Then we have a solution for you.
Our e-book, Window Farming from A-Z is a complete educational guide with detailed instructions on how to set up your own window farm. What is a window farm? A window farm is your very own farm utilising interior window space in your home to slash grocery bills by growing your own food year round. Window farming is the solution youve been looking for to provide better nutrition for your family.
Yes friends, your neighbours using WINDOW FARMING are now growing their own food all year round in apartments all over the globe.
Window farming was first developed by NASA to provide fresh produce to the astronauts on the space station. Utilising the science behind hydroponic

Anyone who has ever grown up on a farm or spent time on one, knows there is nothing like it. The values, traditions, memories and doing God’s work are something you can never forget. That’s why we want to invite you to come to our farm, Alstede Farms, located in Chester, New Jersey. Our farm has been in business since 1982 and operates on over 600 acres. We pride ourselves on our quality produce and are proud to offer many different activities at our farm for you to make your own memories with your family. We offer everything from pick your own produce to our farmer’s market and all of our special events! We even have a farm store, where you can purchase farm fresh goodies! Come visit us today!

Alstede Farms

1 Alstede Farms Lane, Chester, NJ 07930

(908) 879-7189