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This is some gameplay of Spyro 1 from the reignited triolgy. This is the doctor shrimp boss. He is not too hard, you just have to flame him in the butt lol.

tafbutton blue16 Spyro   Doctor Shrimp   Gameplay

NEW Subnautica Gameplay Peeps w/ Sl1pg8r! PRAWN EXOSUIT! Epic Underwater Adventures and Funny Moments! There have been some major updates to Subnautica! New Aurora, PRAWN Suit, monsters, and MOAR! Check this out!\r
Subnautica Season 2 Gameplay Playlist! \r
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Intro/Outro Music by: Topmass \r
Title: For My Haters -

tafbutton blue16 Subnautica Gameplay : PRAWN EXOSUIT! S3E36

Play Crazy Kings \r
Tower Defense like youve never seen it before. As well as placing towers, you take control of your very own avatar to save the day. Are you ready for a brand new take on Tower Defense?\r
Loot your way through hundreds of levels and build your very own army. Every item can be combined to create bigger, better and badder towers.\r
But dont forget your avatar! You can customize and upgrade your fighter with incredible weapons, armor and special items to become the most powerful warrior in the land!\r
Or, why not borrow your friends avatars to lay waste to the merciless minotaur army? The more friends you make, the stronger you become!\r
With 200 levels to play through, have you got what it takes to defend the kingdom from the Crazy Kings?\r
CLASSIC GAMEPLAY WITH A TWIST – Strategically place your towers and use your heroes to respond to changes on the battlefield.\r
LOOT, LOOT AND MORE LOOT! – Win loot cards from every battle and use them to power up your avatar!\r
BUILD AND UPGRADE – Level up your army from basic, rare, and epic, all the way up to legendary!\r
200 FREE LEVELS – Hundreds of awesome levels set across snowy tundra, arid desert, rolling hills and more!\r
FORGE ALLIANCES – Borrow your friends avatars to crush those Crazy Kings!\r
“Forget about old-school tower defense! Crazy Kings is completely different!”\r
“I cant believe how addictive it is! My avatar is super-powered now!”\r
“I love the arena battles! So much free loot! Five stars!”\r
Download now and get ready to fight! The Crazy Kings are coming!\r
PLEASE NOTE: Crazy Kings is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in-app​ purchases on your device if you dont want to use this feature.\r
Mantis Shrimp Web SiteCrazy Kings Support\r
Whats New in Version 1.4.2\r
- Device Sync. Play on multiple devices using the same Facebook-login!\r
- Native iPhone 6(+) support. Crazy Kings looks even better on the newest iPhones!\r
- Arena Tickets change reverted. Thanks to your feedback, weve switched back to 3 arena tickets! Its still possible to buy tickets one at the time instead of refilling the tickets fully.\r
- More levels & enemies! The Bird World now comes with 10 more levels to test even the best of players!\r
- Bug fixes, level tweaks and more!\r
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tafbutton blue16 Crazy Kings (By Mantis Shrimp)   iOS Gameplay Video

Play the most insane action shooter today! Shoot, upgrade and craft your way through hundreds of levels of intense blasting action, with loads of new challenges every month! Its just you versus the Reptor Empire, and youre going to need Max Ammo! \r
Are you ready for an all-out, high-octane thrill-ride? Will you swear to protect the planet at all costs? Are you ready to blow everything up? If the answer is “HELL YEAH!”, you may be ready for the biggest, best and most badass shooter on mobile!\r
Forget about awkward controls! This brand-new game is designed exclusively for your mobile device – just swipe to dodge and tap to fill the enemy with lead. Get ready for tight controls, big action and Max Ammo!\r
• FULLY LOADED – Hundreds of levels of insane shooter action and more coming every month\r
• BE A WEAPONS MASTER – Quick reload or extra crit? How will you level up your guns? \r
• SHOOT N LOOT – Get your swag on and loot your way to victory\r
• BRING THE PAIN – Lead the resistance, and fight to defeat the deadly Reptor Empire\r
• TIGHT CONTROLS – Designed for mobile by mobile gamers for a totally fluid experience \r
PLEASE NOTE: Max Ammo is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in app purchases on your device if you dont want to use this feature.\r
Enter the fight, and get the most insane mobile action game today!\r
Mantis Shrimp Web SiteMax Ammo Support\r
Whats New in Version 1.8\r
SPEED UP – We improved the level loading times. Enjoy missions in a heartbeat!\r
BUG HUNTER – Theres always some bug crawling around. We stumped some for increased pleasure!\r
KICK-ASS – If you get a minute during the Saurii onslaught, rate and review Max Ammo. What do you want to see next?\r
App Store:

tafbutton blue16 Max Ammo (By Mantis Shrimp)   iOS / Android   Gameplay Video

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Walkthrough Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuMTZBpxpB0dS7srEEnllGzsbB7Gp4dd5

Mankind struggles to survive beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow as the Dark Ones threaten in the shadows. With an arsenal of weapons, Artyom must make sense of this chaos.

Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer 4A Games

tafbutton blue16 Metro: Last Light GTX 690   Shrimps   Gameplay Walkthrough   Part 5

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