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This green coconut shrimp curry is just what you need as the weather gets cooler.

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Coconut Milk Rice with Prawns and Green Peas

Hi Friends, Today we are going to prepare Coconut Milk Rice with Prawn and Green Peas

Green Chili
Coriander leaves
Mint leaves
Green peas
Garlic Cloves
Cinnamon stick
Bay leaves
Chili Powder
Basmati Rice
Cleaned Prawns

Soak the Basmati Rice in a water for 20 Minutes
Prawn marinate

Blend Ginger and Garlic into paste in a mixer Jar
Take a mixing bowl
Add Prawns
Ginger Garlic Paste
Chili Powder
Squeeze the lemon
Stir well and set aside about 30 minutes

Coconut Milk Preparation
Remove the coconut flesh from the shell
Grind the coconut in a mixer jar and filter the milk

Preparation for Prawn Pulao
Add Oil to hot pan
Add marinated prawns and cook till the prawn release the moisture.
Transfer the prawns to a plate and set aside
Transfer the gravy to a bowl
Add oil in a same pan
Add bay leaves

Chop the onion like this
And add it to the pan
Add Garlic
Green chili
Mint leaves
Green peas
And saute for 2 minutes

Water ratio is 2 : 3
Measure the milk and water in the same measuring cup measured for the rice
Add 3 cups of water for 2 cup rice.
Add Rice
Add marinated prawns
Add Ghee and close the lid
Cook for 15 minutes in the low flame
Switch off the flame and allow prawn pulao to rest for 15 minutes
Now, Open the lid and stir gently.
The delicious prawn pulao is ready.
Friends, I believe you enjoyed this prawn and rice recipes, cook for yourself and write your comments.
Thanks for watching, see you in the next recipe

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Usher in the New Year with this special stir-fry prawn and green zucchini noodles to bring happiness and longevity into your life! Learn how to cook this simple dish from Chef Eric and you won’t regret it.

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Juicy green coconut and fresh Tiger prawn makes such an heavenly taste…
I wanna share with you!
Recipe is little tricky, but never worry, follow these video to make an awesome dish yourself!

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Green Shrimp
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Recipe To Make Green Kaju Prawn Curry

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Here is a video from Madhushree R Rao showcasing the best way to use Prawns in a dish. Watch the easy recipe of Prawns Green Masala and get an idea about the ingredients and the simple way for preparing this mouth-watering dish.

From Virgin Mojito to Cheesy Hummus Dip to Broccoli and Cottage Cheese Parantha, Fame Food has recipes for one and all. Those who love to cook or bake, can churn out some exotic and delectable dishes by referring to our videos and learn easy-to-cook, healthy-to-eat recipes. It also ran a video series on the first online hunt for the best amateur cook in India, WebChef.
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Eggs with shrimp and green onions in a package of Armenian lavash
Cooking time –5 min
• Milk
• Egg
• Lemon juice
• Shrimp
• Green onions
• Armenian pita
• Butter
• Olive oil
• Salt
• Ground black pepper

Purified small boiled shrimp and green onions finely chopped and mixed with eggs, milk and lemon juice, salt and pepper.
Then fry all together in a mixture of butter and olive oil to the required condition. After that shift from a frying pan into the pre-folded bag of Armenian pita.
Wrap up pita.

tafbutton blue16 Eggs with shrimp and green onions in a package of Armenian lavash (2 6)

Enjoy the remote Andaman Beaches visit Prawn farm, sea turtle nursery. Relax jungle walk through rainforest and swim in the stunning waterfal.

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Sydney Fish Market provides step by step instructions on how to peel a ‘green’ or raw prawn perfectly!

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Residents of Emden, a town on the North Sea, can still remember the days when the unemployment rate here hovered around 14 percent. Today it’s just 6 percent. The seaport’s fortunes have risen thanks mainly to off-shore wind farming. But now the town is once again facing strong headwinds as two key businesses linked to the industry are in trouble.

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Green Practices at Stonyfield Farm
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