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The Sala Thai restaurant in Richmond, California makes the best pad thai prawns in the entire Bay Area.

tafbutton blue16 Making Pad Thai Prawns Sala Thai

Production: FILMYWOOD IT’z ALL FILM & LIFE STYLE MAGAZINE Narrator: Nirupama Voice Over: Praveen & Sai Krishna Camera & Editing: Sai Krishna Producer: Kishore Pamidi Director: Krishu Website: www.filmywood.com E mail: editor@filmywood.com Mob: +91 92462 15 8 47

tafbutton blue16 ROYYA... The Prawn: Farmers making a living on the edge... By FILMYWOOD

Chef Dan Lichens demonstrates how to make garlic butter for shrimp and grits.

tafbutton blue16 Making the Garlic Butter for the Shrimp and Grits

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