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Mexican pita pockets

• 1tbsp oil
• 1tbsp Ginger Garlic paste
• 1/2cup paneer
• Black pepper
• Salt
• In bowl
• 1/2cup tomatoes
• 1/4th cup onion
• 1/4th cup capsicum
• 1/4th cup bell pepper
• 2tbsp Jalapeños
• 2tbsp olives
• Fresh coriander
• Lemon juice
• Salt
• Red chilli flakes
• Seasoned paneer
• Pita bread


• Set a pan on a medium flame and add oil, ginger garlic paste, paneer, black pepper and salt
• Mix well and cook for some time
• In bowl add tomatoes, onion, capsicum, bell pepper, jalapeños, olives, fresh coriander and lemon juice, salt and red chilli flakes
• Then add seasoned paneer
• Mix well and keep aside
• Now take a pita bread and cook on a grill pan, cut into 2 slices as shown in the video
• Then open the bread from the middle and add seasoned paneer mixture in it
• Cut into pieces and serve immediately

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Specialty Produce farmers market bag this week, Wild Brown Shrimp in a simple BBQ sauce. This is a great fast meal.

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http://eauthenticmexicanrecipes.com/fajitas-recipe/shrimp-fajitas-recipe-one-of-many-great-authentic-mexican-recipes for the full authentic Mexican shrimp fajitas recipe. Visit http://eauthenticmexicanrecipes.com/ for great authentic Mexican recipes.

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Fishmonger Tommy Gomes shows how to peel and devein our wild Mexican shrimp – the best shrimp you’ll ever taste! Visit our fish market and Seafood Education …

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The dismembered bodies of 17 men were found on Sunday on a farm in central Mexico, in an area disputed by violent drug cartels, say prosecutors. The bodies were discovered as Mexicans celebrated their Independence Day. (NOTE: Graphic material)

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Chef Phil Anderson demonstrates how to make Mexican Shrimp Cocktail.

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I visit a shrimp farm in Mexico. Looking to get into the seafood business.

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