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Food Busker is back at Feastival but this time hes with French Guy Cooking, whacking up a prawn omelette, Asian Stylee. Watch me on French Guys channel: \r
But has he thought this through properly? Will anybody want to eat a prawn omelette at 6am in the morning?\r
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tafbutton blue16 Asian Prawn Omelette

Hi Friends, In this video, we are going to look into Prawn Omelette Recipes

Chili powder
mint leaves
Turmeric Powder
Green Chili

Add Oil to hot pan
And Add prawns

Add Chili Powder
Turmeric Powder

Cook until prawn release the moisture and set aside

Now… Add oil in to hot pan
Add Onion
Green Chili
Add salt
Cook for 2 minutes
In a bowl add cooked onion
Mint leaves
Add eggs
And beat together

Add a teaspoon oil in a frying pan
Pour the egg mixture
And Cook for 2 minutes

Thanks for watching, See you in the next recipe

tafbutton blue16 Prawn Omelette Recipes

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