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Everyone knows to stock up with non-perishable foods if a hurricane is coming their way, but how do you hold onto the food that’s already in your fridge and freezer? After all, letting all that food spoil can lead to losses of hundreds of dollars, so start by cooking and eating your most expensive foods first. According to Business Insider, if you think you’re likely to have a power outage, get prepared by having ice coolers ready to store food if the power is out for more than four hours.

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When completed in 1963, Wairākei was one of just two geothermal power stations in the world. However, it has adversely affected the surrounding thermal area — tourist attractions such as the famous Wairākei geyser and Champagne Pool have come to a halt, and the land is sinking. A nearby prawn farm takes advantage of heat from the power station’s waste water. Geothermal energy, www.teara.govt.nz Geyser Valley, 1950s, www.teara.govt.nz Wairākei to Ōhakuri, www.teara.govt.nz Opening Wairākei power station, www.teara.govt.nz Archival audio: Archives New Zealand — Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga, www.archives.govt.nz People of the Waikato. National Film Unit, 1956. —Roadside Stories are a series of audio guides to places of interest on major road trips in New Zealand. Each guide tells the story of an attraction along the way — its people, its history, its cultural and natural significance. For more information about Roadside Stories visit www.mch.govt.nz

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