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This is a tiger prawn. Also known as a giant prawn or a jumbo shrimp. Now, if you love sushi, you’ll probably find one of these little devils on your plate. These large shrimps often comes from Asia, And, to keep them fresh, juicy and bacteria free, they are pumped full of antibiotics and then soaked in posioness chemicals. Delicious… But that’s not where the madness ends, because tiger prawns also happens to be one of the world’s worst environmental hazards! So here’s what happens: Big companies flatten large areas of precious mangrove forests to build damms for prawn farming. They use diesel pumps to provide the prawns with fresh water whilst the environment is completely destroyed. The big companies then move their farms to a new site and they start all over again. So, what’s left is a broken eco system, a black market industry, people living in poverty and fear and what other totally useless horrible things. It’s absolutely true. That’s how bad tiger prawns are, even if they are labeled organic. So, now, if you only want to do one teeny tiny thing that will contribute to a better world, keep tiger prawns off your plate! This video is proudly presented to you by SSNC! Read about our work with environmental organisations around the world: www.naturskyddsforeningen.se This is our campaign on Facebook (in swedish) antiscampi.se Production company filmtecknarna.se

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From the BBC programme Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey, Rick cruises the Mekong River at the Cambodia and Vietnamese border and samples a dish from a local chef.

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From the BBC programme Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey, Rick cruises the Mekong River at the Cambodia and Vietnamese border and samples a dish from a local chef.

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Learn more about Aquaponics here tinyurl.com If you really wanted to grow and breed magnificent tilapia or some other freshwater beauty, why in the world would you turn to a hybrid method that combines traditional aquaculture and hydroponics ? First, let’s look at what happens when you run a conventional aquaculture setup. This style of farming can be advantageous for gardeners and farmers. If you have ever spent all day watering plants outside, you know what a pain it can be. With aquaponic farming, you’ll never have to water your plants, because the pump system does this for you. No weeding is involved, because there is no soil in an aquaponics system. You’ll never have to fertilize your plants, because the fish provide that for you. Fish waste carries ammonia, which is converted into nitrates to feed your plants. If you build an aquaponics system indoors, you can grow food all year round, and never worry about insects and animals! If you wish to learn more about Aquaponics, visit tinyurl.com

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My father in law take my children and nieces and nephew to catch prawns.

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This video from VideoJug will show you how to expertly barbeque prawns. Learn how to properly barbecue prawns so that you can show off for all your friends and family at your next barbecue!

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Kedarnath Reddy, Manager-Business Development, Farm Fresh Prawns, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Farm Fresh is into crispy fried fresh prawns. We provide the sea food with the best quality. We at Prawn crunch give you at affordable cost to satisfy the customer with high quality

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Ragout of Shellfish with Prawns Recipe. This wonderful fish and seafood dish combines a number of flavours from the sea into a rich and tasty ragout. Devour our Ragout of Shellfish with Prawns recipe.

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