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I visit a shrimp farm in Mexico. Looking to get into the seafood business.

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Gulf oil disaster focuses new attention on Maryland aqua-culture business.

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Sermsiri Farm in Pang Na, Thailand, has been using BiOWiSH™-AquaFarm for more than eight years in both their White Shrimp (L. Vannemei) and Black Tiger shrimp (L. monodon) ponds with impressive results. The survival rates are 88% for Black Tiger Shrimp and 94% for White Shrimp. The average weight for the Black Tiger Shrimp is 23.81 grams and it’s 32.26 grams for the White Shrimp. You can find out more about BiOWiSH™-AquaFarm at biowishtech.com/aquafarm.

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Click Here : rx.hu Contains a wealth of information about starting a Shrimp Farm and raising Shrimp for profit. It includes incredible word of mouth tips, tricks and secrets – tons of information that is next to impossible to find all in one place.

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The intensive shrimp farming is an very good bussines, like that Thailand that produce every month, every year, for many year with sustantaible,

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The chinese technologies for husbandry shrimp at high densities is avalaible, for more information contact : fxortiz@hispavista.com

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Tracing the caption of this video, I was able to find out that this video was taken in a shrimp farm in Suez (Egypt) and shared with me unlabeled. The credit of the video should go to a friend who I do not remember This video shows the harvesting of shrimp in a shrimp farm in Egypt. In this farm which is located in Suez, the post larvae used in this farm are collected from the wild. Green tiger shrimp, Penaeus semisulcatus and Penaeus japonicus are the main shrimp species in the farm. The harvesting as shown in the video is carried out during dark nights (moonless nights). In such harvesting method, a source of light is placed in a proper position to attract shrimp which are dragged by water current towards the light and enter a netting structure where they are scooped and processed.

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President & CEO Rob Reierson takes you to a Black Tiger Shrimp Farm in Vietnam where he gets you a tour from the Ponds to the different Processing Facilities to Finished Product. Sign up for Product Deals & Market Updates – www.tradexfoods.com Follow us @TradexFoods for Twitter Seafood Specials & Seafood News – twitter.com Watch our School of Fish clips as we uncover Deceptive Seafood Practices – www.tradexfoods.com Website: www.tradexfoods.com

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Romy’s Kahuku Prawns & Shrimp, housed in a bright-red building (not a truck), sits among them and offers up shrimp they’ve raised and cooked themselves. Harvested and raised on site, Romy’s does not distribute commercially, but for the sole purpose to supply its own shrimp shack. Special Guest Alton “Waialae Iki” Brown makes a special appearance and educated us on the origin of Shrimp. For more videos like this, visit www.hawaiiangrowntv.com

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Shrimp Farming www.shrimpfarmingguide.com Freshwater Shrimp Farming, Prawn Farming and Aquaculture Fish Farming — The ONLY complete guidebook for shrimp farming business that incorporates the methods you need to get started with your own shrimp farm or prwan farm, even at home, from the basics to backyard aquaponics, marketing, and gaining profit.

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In the sixth installment of Ask the Editor, SeafoodSource.com fields the question, “How can replacement costs for farmed shrimp be so high?”

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Read our blog about Vinny and other shrimp at www.oneworldoneocean.com — Usually, shrimp is caught by bottom trawling, which damages the seafloor habitat and has high levels of bycatch: for every pound of shrimp caught, 3-15 lbs. of other animals are accidentally killed and thrown away. And shrimp farms can destroy mangroves and pollute coastal habitats with runoff and unhealthy chemicals. Seafood guides recommend avoiding most imported shrimp, and opting for more sustainable options such as wild-caught pink shrimp from Oregon or shrimp farmed in the US in recirculating systems (www.montereybayaquarium.org GO Fish! Know Your Seafood – Visit oneworldoneocean.com to learn more.

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