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Black Tiger shrimps are farmed many ways. At Butler’s Choice we care for shrimp, the invironment and the farmer and his family. Butler’s Choice is a Danish seafood trading company with focus on social responsibility and th einvironment. Get to know more about Butler’s Choice at www.butlers-choice.com

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Fumi’s Kahuku shrimp farm raises and sells shrimp. from birth to adult. hawaiis best shrimp farm.

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Ohio Shrimp farmers are producing fresh seafood. Ohio now has about 25 shrimp farms scattered around the state. We travel to a farm in New London to experience a shrimp harvest. From Our Ohio show 318, produced in 2008.

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In this film and following report, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) reveals the extent of the destruction caused by the shrimp farming industry. Our increased consumption of tropcial shrimp, also called prawns and sometimes scampi, can be traced to coastal regions in the tropic where ecosystem where the ecosystems have been devastated and people are living in miserable conditions, their human rights repeatedly violated. When an increased number of people choose tropical prawns in their curry, on their sushi or in their stir fry, it is causing increased environmental degradation and human suffering in producer countries, like Bangladesh. Don’t miss the short animated version of this movie “Keep tiger prawns off your plate” www.youtube.com More information: www.naturskyddsforeningen.se Production company: Eco Storm

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The very beginning of the documentary is misleading. By the end of it the conclusions are the exact opposite. Worth watching both parts!

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Shrimp Farming -Southern Regional Aquaculture Center – Product 297 – The life history of saltwater shrimp is presented with illustrations of how aquaculturists have adapted these for intensive production. Hatchery and growout methods are presented which indicate the most important aspects of the industry. The work reported in this publication was supported in part by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center through Grant No. 2006 38500 16977 from the US Department of Agriculture, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES)

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Do you like shrimp? Its one of America’s favorite seafood. We head to Maryland to meet some farmers hauling in a harvest of seafood, but the ocean has nothing to do with this story! Visit tinyurl.com to see the rest of America’s Heartland: Episode 513.

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