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Shrimp are a fantastic ingredient for an appetizer, a starter or a main dish. They take a little prep work before you start your recipes. Chef and author Becky Selengut shows us how to clean and devein fresh shrimp.Distributed by OneLoad.com

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It may look like it, but this is not space, and those are not stars. They are Heterosigma, a harmful phytoplankton species responsible for killing over a million farmed fish in the past 20 years, and an indeterminate number of wild fish. At the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs, a team of scientists from the institutions shown here have set up a Harmful Algal Bloom Laboratory (or HAB Lab for short), to research growth and toxic mechanisms in these raphidophytes. Here, grad student Brian Sutton-Quaid, under the supervision of Dr. Charlie Trick, is running a test to determine the toxicity of Heterosigma we have collected and grown in a culture. This assay uses brine shrimp, commonly known to you and me as Sea Monkeys. First, Brian hatches these shrimp in a bubbler, then, places a set number in each well of these plates. Some rows are controls and some rows contain a known amount of Heterosigma. After letting them sit, Brian observes the brine shrimp under a dissecting microscope. These brine shrimp are one of the controls, and are mostly happy and healthy. This is a well containing Heterosigma, and as you can see, the shrimp are having a more difficult time swimming through the water, and are labeled “impaired”. These data, as always, are recorded in a science notebook, with three columns: Alive, Impaired, and Dead. They’re then analyzed to determine the toxicity of the Heterosigma. Please note: Content may not be used without written consent of the author

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The world’s best and most versatile shrimp peeling machine! Contact sales@jonsson.com or go to www.jonsson.com.

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Greg Dumorne & Les Sauray of Real Deal Catering show how to prepare shrimp enchiladas.

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Pisit and Loung Charnsnoh run an NGO called Yadfon, among other things they help reclaim abandoned shrimp ponds by planting nipa palm in them.

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Vietnam shrimp farmers are facing a big disease outbreak in the Mekong Delta. It appears this is on Black Tiger shrimp and it is coming when the market remains very high. We discuss alternatives buyers can use to deal with aquaculture supply disruptions. Read the rest of today’s Seafood News at www.seafoodnews.com

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www.the1234u.com The Shrimp Business Is a Business where literally anyone can make a six figure income. www.the1234u.com

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Fishing Trip to ”Titin’s Shrimp Farm. At “”El Castillo Bay”"

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December, 2011 – 7 years after the devastating tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people in the Indian ocean, and over 135000 alone in Indonesia, comes a story of hope and resilience as two shrimp farmers from Banda Aceh share with us their success from shrimp aquaculture farming. This short video was produced for the Aquaculture Clinic 2011 held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and hosted by The WorldFish center and A-Spark Good Ventures.

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NPR and advocacy group Public Citizen have reported on the disgusting and dangerous conditions of Asian shrimp farms, the same farms that supply 90% of the shrimp in the United States. The Young Turks Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss. www.citizen.org The Largest Online News Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Support TYT for FREE: bit.ly

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WTIU News’ Alex Roy journeys to Monrovia and visits the Conner Shrimp Farm to discover a little-known Indiana industry.

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Today we are crusin’ the North Shore of Oahu heading to the Kahuku Shrimp Farms. TheNeighborhood Cruise Series is designed to help you view the different flavors of Oahu Neighborhoods. When you come to Hawaii, whether for a short visit or to make this place in Paradise your home, you will have a better understanding of the Island. For more Real Estate Bizness, check out www.hawaiirealestatebiz.com Aloha and Have a GREAT Day!

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Instructional Video on the Inland Shrimp Farming Industry discussing Pond Construction, Pond Preparation, Water Quality, Transportation and Acclimation, Stocking, Nutrition and Feeding, Water Quality Management, Pond Aeration, Production, Harvesting and Marketing and Cooking the Shrimp

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Full Story: indianapublicmedia.org WTIU’s Alex Roy delivers a report on how a Martin County Shrimp Farm is doing despite a tough economy.

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