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tafbutton blue16 Cherry Shrimp Care Breeding And Keeping [Shrimp Breeding]

Check out my video on How to Breed Cherry Shrimp\r
If youre interested in cherry shrimp, check out the links below to cherry shrimp and a starter package: \r
Starter Package:\r
Cherry Shrimp: \r
Hey shrimp keepers! Hope you all are making it a great week! I wanted to talk about a 75 gallon shrimp tank I just set up. It is a 75 gallon cherry shrimp tank. I want to start breeding more cherries and also experiment with the red coloration on the cherry shrimp. Im thinking the light and the mix of colors in the substrate will play an affect, but we will see. \r
My intern starts this coming Friday. I ordered all the sponge foam for the HMF filters so we have a ton of resetting of tanks to do. Itll go pretty quick I am thinking. Plus, we have a ton of new shrimp coming in this week which is always a lot of fun. \r
The Taiwan bee shrimp werent doing too well in their 40 gallon home. Im not 100% sure what the problem was but I think it had to do with water flow. Ill continue to work on it and let you all know my findings. The new home for the Taiwan bee shrimp is a 20 gallon long with an HMF. It seems to be doing amazing thus far. \r
Keep an eye out this Friday for the first ever Fish Room Friday! Wait until you see the fish rooms I have for you. They are all something worth looking at! Its so cool to see others fish rooms and how they do them. I learn so much every time I go and see someones setup. \r
Thank you all for the love and support. I hope you enjoy all the videos. Its all about growing the freshwater shrimp hobby in the US. We are all shrimp keepers or soon to be shrimp keepers icon smile 75 Gallon Cherry Shrimp Tank and Update on Taiwan Bee Shrimp \r
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tafbutton blue16 75 Gallon Cherry Shrimp Tank and Update on Taiwan Bee Shrimp

Today I wanted to talk about some myths that are in the freshwater shrimp hobby. Lets focus today on the following questions that I get frequently: \r
1. Does high light from planted tanks kill shrimp? \r
2. Do shrimp need specialty shrimp food? \r
3. Do need pristine water and are they really that sensitive? \r
4. Do shrimp crawl out of aquarium? \r
5. Do shrimp need warm water? \r
Drop a comment down bellow if you have questions that you want answered in a future video. Have a safe night and keep it shrimple!\r
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tafbutton blue16 Shrimp Keeping Myths   Do Bright Lights Kill Shrimp?

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hello guys and welcome to Marks Shrimp Tanks today we are going to be talking about how you can make some money selling Cherry Shrimp.\r
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tafbutton blue16 Cherry Shrimp How to Make Money [Shrimp Breeding]

This tutorial is based on a set-up guide by Graham McDonnell, an admin of All Things Shrimp, a European-based Facebook group for sharing shrimp knowledge with over 10,000 members. (Ive added a few things and changed the order of one of the steps.)\r
Graham McDonnell – All Things Shrimp\r
1. Add BW Minerax (Mineral Powder) liberally on the base.\r
2. Add BW Enlive (dormant beria).\r
3. Add BW Bebi (powdered food) – helps to mature substrate and will rapidly produce biofilm, an essential part of the shrimps diet.\r
4. Add substrate.\r
5. Fill with RO H2O mineralized with SS GH+ (or other remineralizer).\r
6. Set TDS to ~150 because it will drop about 120 ppm over the first week as soil matures\r
a. Aiming for 130 TDS, which gives a gH of 5\r
7. Add hardscape/décor, plants, and filter. (This was at the end, but Ive placed this before adding other things.)\r
8. Add minerock – helps with molting and keeping a constant supply of essential minerals that are very slowly released into tank.\r
9. Add 1 bee ball for every half gallon of H2O (or 2 bee balls for every gallon). 10 Gallon = 20 BB\r
a. Helps to purify water. Can last up to 2 years.\r
From personal experience.\r
Good hardscapes for shrimp tanks:\r
- driftwood\r
- spiderwood\r
- lava rock\r
- ohka stone\r
- ornamental decorations\r
Preferred shrimp filtration: Sponge filter (single, dual, HMF, etc.)\r
- You CAN use any other types of filters as long as they are made shrimp-proof.\r
Plants that do best with shrimp:\r
- mosses\r
- anubias\r
- floaters (help with nitrates)\r
**You DO NOT need ALL of the products listed in the video. That is just how I followed this set-up process. The MUST-HAVES are listed below, so if you are on a budget, these are the only things you really need to purchase.\r
Shrimp Essentials:\r
- substrate\r
- shrimp-proof filter\r
- leaf litter (Indian Almond Leaves/Catappa Leaves, Mulberry Leaves, Banana Leaves, Amaranth Leaves, etc.)\r
Highly Recommended (You dont have to buy these, but shrimp do best with these in the environment):\r
- any type of aquatic moss\r
- cholla wood\r
- alder cones\r
Completely Optional (You really dont need these, but it may take longer for your tank to cycle/mature if you dont have some of them):\r
- Borneo Wild products\r
- mineral rock\r
- bee balls\r
- hardscape/decor\r
- plants

tafbutton blue16 How to Set Up a Shrimp Tank & Shrimp Necessities

shrimp rice recipes

Welcome to Super Kitchen

In this video we are going to show you delicious shrimp rice recipes. To get text version of this recipe please scroll down till end, you will get other mouthwatering recipes videos links too.


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Chicken Fried Rice


* Chicken 250g (thinly sliced)

* Vegetable oil 2 tbsp

* Soya sauce 2 tsp

* Salt to taste

* Eggs 2

* Onion 1 (diced)

* Red bell pepper 1 (chopped)

* Peas ½ cup (boiled)

* Carrot ½ cup (finely chopped)

* Boiled rice 2 cups

* Green onion 2 (sliced)

* Oyster sauce 1 tsp

Steps of Making:

1- Marinade chicken with 2 drops of oil, ½ tsp soya sauce and to taste salt.

2- Heat a non stick pan and add eggs. Cook until done. Break cooked eggs into pieces and transfer in a plate.

3- Heat 1 tbsp oil in a large skillet and fry onion until translucent. Remove from pan.

4- Add remaining oil in skillet; add chicken and cook until half done then add bell pepper, peas and carrot. Cook until chicken tender completely and
vegetables starting to get tender.

5- Now transfer boiled rice, green onion, oyster sauce and remaining soya sauce. Stir to incorporate.

6- Add cooked onion and scrambled eggs. Toss gently. When everything mix completely serve immediately.

7- You can adjust seasoning according to your taste after adding rice.

مرغی کا سینہ 2
چاول اُبلے ہوے 400 گرام
مٹر 1 کپ ابلے ہوئے
شملہ مرچ 1 کپ
مشروم 1 کپ
انڈے 8
چکن پاوڈر 1 کھانے کا چمچ
سویا سوس 1 کھانے کا چمچ
ڈارک سویا سوس 1 کھانے کا چمچ
ہری پیاز 8
زیتون کا تیل یا مکھن حسبِ ضرورت
کالی مرچ حسبِ ذائقہ
نمک حسب ذائقہ
سب سے پہلے چکن کو اُبال کر ریشے کر لیں اب انڈے پھینٹ کر اُن میں نمک اور ہری پیاز ڈال لیں اور پھینٹ لیں۔
اب ایک کھلے پین میں تیل ڈال کر گرم کریں اور مشروم ڈال کر فرائی کریں ہلکا سا۔
اب چکن، مٹر اور شملہ مرچ ڈالیں اور فرائی کر کے ڈارک سویا سوس اور پھینٹے ہوے انڈے وغیرہ اور چکن پاوڈر ڈال کر مکس کریں۔
ان سب کو مکس کرتے جائیں پھر لائیٹ سویا سوس اور کالی مرچ ڈال دیں آخر میں چاول بھی مکس کریں۔
اس کو تیار ہونے دیں اور تیار ہونے پر ڈش آوٹ کر لیں اور گرما گرم پیش کریں۔

shrimp rice recipes

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These tasty Triple Cheese Shrimp Dip Wontons combine shrimp, cream cheese, Swiss cheese, Parmesan cheese and garlic baked into a crispy wonton. The end result is pure heaven. Full Recipe Here:

tafbutton blue16 These tasty Triple Cheese Shrimp Dip Wontons combine shrimp, cream cheese, Swiss cheese, Parmesan cheese and garlic baked into a crispy wonton.  The end result

Potato Shrimp Kebab Recipe, Easy Make Snacks At Home In Kitchen, Shrimp Potato Fritters, Alu Pakora, Nian’s Cooking Diary.

tafbutton blue16 Potato Shrimp Kebab Recipe | Easy Make Snacks At Home In Kitchen, Shrimp Potato Fritters, Alu Pakora

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