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Cauliflower Fried Rice is an easy low-carb side or main if you add chicken, shrimp, or even leftover ham!

2 Smart Points 108 Calories

tafbutton blue16 Cauliflower Fried Rice is an easy low carb side or main if you add chicken, shrimp, or even leftover ham!2 Smart Points 108 Calories

This episode of Earth Focus looks at the dark side of shrimp and smart phone industries. Reports from Thailand, Bangladesh, and Indonesia uncover the brutal …

tafbutton blue16 Earth Focus Episode 50   Shrimp and Smart Phones: The Toxic Side of Profit

More of the same, close up shot of fan filtering Atyopsis Moluccensis in the aquarium. Canon lens at f/10.

tafbutton blue16 Bamboo Shrimp Side View Macro

Shrimp farming in Bangladesh is booming. But not everyone is happy about it. Locals living near the shrimp farms claim saltwater has invaded and ruined their…

tafbutton blue16 The Dark Side of Bangladeshs Shrimp Boom

(Earth Focus Episode 37) Food and social justice. Human rights abuses, rape and corrupt practices in the Bangladesh shrimp industry. A report by the Swedish …

tafbutton blue16 Earth Focus Episode 37   Exposed: The Ugly Side of Food Production

Lisa cooks lemon-roasted shrimp with spiced breadcrumbs and sautéed broccolini for talk show host and supermodel Tyra Banks. Watch and learn as Lisa prepares this quick and healthy dish, with some talk show humor and style on the side! Stay tuned for next week’s very special episode with three very special guests!Lisa makes herself food. Lisa makes yourself laugh.Funny Side Up, hosted by Lisa Ludwinski, is part comedy and humor, part how-to recipe cooking show. Using celebrities and other notable figures from history as inspiration, Lisa creates a new dish each week tailored for that week’s guest. Come back every week for more recipes, good food, cooking tips, and some fun comedy with Lisa on Funny Side Up.More Recipes and Cooking How-To:http://www.youtube.com/lisaludwinskihttp://www.thefunnysideup.comhttp://www.youtube.com/hungrynationhttp://twitter.com/thefunnysideup

tafbutton blue16 Lemon Roasted Shrimp for Tyra Banks : Funny Side Up

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