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Welcome to The Grill Iron – in this episode we’re visiting the Ohio State University where local Chef Marcus Meacham is making his game day version of the cl…

tafbutton blue16 Deconstructed Shrimp PoBoy | The Grill Iron   Ohio State University

Watch 6TV, the 24/7 Telugu news channel. dedicated for breaking news, live reports, exclusive interviews, sport, weather, entertainment, business updates and…

tafbutton blue16 Prawns Export Business Increasing In India   AP State Has Good Shares In The Business

A couple of years ago, State Farm introduced you to “Chaos in Your Town,” a website that let you plug in your home address and witness a robot wreaking havoc on your neighborhood. Now, DDB New York and the insurance giant present the second iteration of the campaign — except this time, it’s mobile.

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Cut into the Ground: The Destruction of Mangroves and its Impacts on Local Coastal Communities The Network for Environmental and Economic Development – Burma…

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This guy was a real Chinese Mafia Iron – Triangle type. It’s no coincidence California runs up billions in debt every year with guys like this running the place.

tafbutton blue16 California Democrat State Senator Leland Shrimp Boy Yee Arrested for Corruption

Suite de ce let’s play : Dans cette épisode on farm comme un chinois afin d’être tranquille dans le futur, il y a aussi une personne qui va mourir (nan pas de ma faute du tout ^^).

tafbutton blue16 Lets Play   State Of Decay #03 | Farming de chinois

Top Ten: Best Companies for Multicultural Women

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Deep frying turkeys at Thanksgiving can get hairy. So insurance company State Farm enlisted the help of Si and Jase Robertson from the hit show ‘Duck Dynasty’ to dish out some helpful safety tips. The guys follow in the footsteps of William Shatner, who starred in the viral commercials in 2011. Kristina Behr (@kristinabehr) has the scoop.

tafbutton blue16 Duck Dynasty Stars Deep Fry Turkeys For State Farm

Rebecca and Mike get the shakes out when they kick off their first episode of a much anticipated fourth season of Commercial Break with popular commercial star and “State Farm's State of Disbelief” actress Mariel Booth. You don't want to miss this beauty who has been viewed on youtube over 9 million times in a sketch called “Sexy Pool Party”. We learn from her famous commercial character that “you can't put anything on the internet that isn't true!” Come watch Mariel meet her “French model” boyfriend on the streets of New York and learn about State Farm has all those apps. Mike and Rebecca go crazy for “IRobot's Roomba” vacuum and try to decide if break dancing is a requirement to own one or is the NSA using one to spy on Commercial Break? A young Brad Pitt makes a rare appearance on Commercial Break with a can of “Pringles” and he gives everyone the fever for the flavor of the Pringle. We quickly learn that “New Balance” sneakers are way better than all the others and if you don't wear them in the park nobody will hit on you so you better get a pair. Did you know that on Commercial Break if you put two comedian writers and a supermodel together you will create “Castle” TV Star Nathan Fillion? If you watch this episode you will get to see Nathan Fillion's backyard and pool and the beautiful and hilarious Mariel Booth in a bikini playing her character role as a dog in “Sexy Pool Party”. Mariel Booth updates us about her upcoming “Head and Shoulders”commercial with baseball star C.J. Wilson of the “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”.

tafbutton blue16 Actress and Model Mariel Booth from State Farm and Youtubes Sexy Pool Party

Score! Yes that's the pretty girl from the State Farm Ad that can't afford the red purse! Camille Chen joins in on the fun on Commercial Break giving us the major scoop on her full time gigs in TV, Film and commercials. She decorates her phone comic TJ Miller to make him run faster in her Moto X spot for Motorola. Wait is that Camille hanging out with the Wendy's girl? That Wendy's girl shows up in all our episodes! You recognize Camille as the famous journalist on American Horror Story and she also just starred as a video game coder in Grimm. Camille is everywhere!

tafbutton blue16 #309 Camille Chen from State Farm and American Horror Story on Commercial Break

For the third consecutive year, State Farm and Major League Baseball (MLB) are rallying fans to swing for the fences to benefit outstanding charitable organizations. Fans can support causes that make a difference in communities across the nation through the Go to Bat program, an online, charitable giving initiative driven by a commitment State Farm makes to helping communities “get to a better state.” Fans can win a VIP trip for two to the 2012 World Series in addition to winning an $18,000 donation to the charity they choose to support.

Starting today, fans are invited to visit www.statefarm.com/gotobat and play the State Farm Go to Bat game.

To view Multimedia News Release, go to https://www.multivu.com/mnr/57077-state-farm-major-league-baseball-mlb-go-to-bat-charity-world-series

tafbutton blue16 State Farm & Ryan Howard Go to Bat

Just like people, dogs have their good days and bad days but for the 4.7 million dog bite victims each year, a dogs’ bad day can result in serious injury or even death. In 2012, State Farm® had 3,670 dog bite claims and paid more than $108 million as a result of dog bites. This is a slight decrease compared to the number of dog bite claims in 2011 (3,750 claims) and a slight decrease in the amount paid as a result of dog bite claims in 2011 ($109 million). To view Multimedia News Release, go to http://www.multivu.com/mnr/56916-state-farm-usps-avma-national-dog-bite-prevention-week

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Allegedly owned by NFL Properties LLC.
Music – “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” by Gary Portnoy.

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