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1:20ingredients required r half tomato,half onion,half capsicum,salt ,sugar,tomato paste,1//4 cup water,
1:22125g prawns
1:26iammaking halfof recipi card ingredients
1:341tsp fenugreek leaves,
1:401tbsp oil,
1:461tsp cumin,1/2tsp all spice powder.
1:51half tsp coriander powder,half tsp red pepper,salt to taste,
1:57ginger garlic,
2:06heat oil add cumin,
2:08fry onion golden brown then add ginger garlic,
2:33added ginger garlic cumin n onion in oil,
2:49now addturmeric 1/8tsp , red pepper 1/2 tsp,
2:53coriander powder 1/2 tsp n 1/2 tsp tomato ketchup
3:03now add turmeric,coriander powder,red pepper n ketchup.
3:29now add tomatoes,
3:36now add capsicum
3:55add1/4 cup water,
4:03now add prawns in it,
4:22cover n cook for 10-12 minutes untilprawns r done,
4:34open after 10-12 minutes
4:36add salt ,sugar,all spicepowder n fenugreekleaves.
4:42cover n cook,
4:48until water dries or evaporate cook
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