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Mike Pullen takes his own camera for his first solo filming attempt, and does it the hard way by tackling carp in winter. He shows you how to bait up using a…

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Dinosaur BBQ pit master John Stage is back to teach how to make an easy recipe for New Orleans-style shrimp with barbecue sauce and the Dude Food-approved secret ingredient… beer. Get more Dude Food: http://goo.gl/rcHdC

In each episode of Dude Food, we share tips and recipes for grilling manly, mouthwatering foods from burgers to barbecue chicken to a salad a dude would be proud to serve his buddies.

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Continuing our series of Custom Zombies here on NGTZombies….looking at all the new maps as released as well as completing all other maps that we don’t complete while playing co-op.

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