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Powerful Hollywood Women Unveil Anti-Harassment Action Plan
Ms. Tchen is spearheading the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which is administered by the National Women’s Law Center’s Legal Network for Gender Equity,
and will connect female victims of sexual harassment with lawyers.
Major donors include Ms. Witherspoon, Ms. Rhimes, Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg
and Kate Capshaw, and the talent agencies ICM Partners, the Creative Artists Agency, William Morris Endeavor and United Talent Agency.
Time’s Up has also been urging women to wear black at the Golden Globes on Sunday, to use the red carpet to speak out against gender
and racial inequality, and to raise awareness about their initiative and the legal fund.
Driven by outrage and a resolve to correct a power imbalance
that seemed intractable just months ago, 300 prominent actresses and female agents, writers, directors, producers and entertainment executives have formed an ambitious, sprawling initiative to fight systemic sexual harassment in Hollywood and in blue-collar workplaces nationwide.
The initiative includes:
— A legal defense fund, backed by $13 million in donations, to help less privileged women — like janitors, nurses
and workers at farms, factories, restaurants and hotels — protect themselves from sexual misconduct and the fallout from reporting it.

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A farm worker is charged after allegedly filming female co-workers in the shower.

A hog farm recently turned scandalous after a female worker discovered a camera in an unexpected place.

She found the hidden recording device tucked away in the women’s shower at a farm in Nicollet County, Minnesota.

On September 19th, the woman showed the camera to her boss, claiming that it had been filming for about 14 minutes prior to her discovering it.

The supervisor contacted police after finding several other videos on the device showing topless women in the shower area, one of whom was a minor.

Another employee at the farm, 53-year-old William Craig Rolloff was seen in some of the recordings and he reportedly admitted to secretly filming three different women. He was charged with 4 misdemeanors and two felony counts of interfering with the privacy of a minor.

Earlier this year, a Pennsylvania man was charged with 17 counts of invasion of privacy. The 43-year-old male worked at an oral surgery practice and he allegedly took secret videos of his female co-workers when they were “in various states of undress while changing”.

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